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Based on the development concept of “Serving science and technology, and serving with science and technology”, in advantage of the global innovation network and the full-chain incubation service system, and through the “Incubation + Investment + Merger & Acquisition + Alliance” strategy, TusHoldings has gradually formed strategic emerging industry clusters in the fields of environmental protection, digital economy, clean energy, medical health, new materials, etc., and mastered a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

At present, TusHoldings’ clean energy segment has transformed many scientific achievements of the Department of Thermal Energy Engineering and the Department of Automation of Tsinghua University. The segment includes a number of companies in the field of clean energy, such as Tus-Raising Group, Tus-Clean Energy, Huaye Solar, Tus Tsingyun, Nowva Energy, Tus Huayu and Tus Ruijia. And their core business covers urban central heating, photovoltaic power generation, solar heating & cooling, clean coal combustion, biomass heat energy utilization, waste heat recovery, etc. In the field of new energy vehicles, TusHoldings has participated in the equity of a number of hi-tech companies, such as Byton, Xiangfenghua, SinoHytec and Hyper Strong.

UpdateTime:2019-11-06 15:29:44