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Based on the development concept of “Serving science and technology, and serving with science and technology”, in advantage of the global innovation network and the full-chain incubation service system, and through the “Incubation + Investment + Merger & Acquisition + Alliance” strategy, TusHoldings has gradually formed strategic emerging industry clusters in the fields of environmental protection, digital economy, clean energy, medical health, new materials, etc., and mastered a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

TusHoldings’ digital economy industry cluster includes a number of domestic leading companies in the fields of chip, big data, network security, intelligent networked vehicle, etc. The companies controlled by TusHoldings include 21vianet - an Internet infrastructure service provider, Tus-NationSky - a secure mobile solution provider, CICTEC - a bus big data operation service provider, Aeronitor - a drone company in the industry, and Tus International - an intelligent connected vehicle company. The listed companies in the digital technology field with TusHoldings’ equity participation include GigaDevice, NSFOCUS, ChineseAll, etc. The well-known technological innovation companies with TusHoldings’ equity participation include Cambricon, 4Paradigm, DataCanvas, AISpeech, Montage Technology, etc.

UpdateTime:2019-11-06 15:28:05