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  • Year 1993

    The concept of TusPark was formally proposed and approved by the Beijing Government;

  • Year 1994

    TusPark Development Center was set up, and the construction of TusPark was formally started;

  • Year 1998

    An area of 120,000 square meters was constructed, which formed the preliminary zoning for the flagship product TusPark Beijing;

  • Year 1999

    TusPark was incorporated into the general plan of Zhongguancun Science Park, and was given support and priority to its development;

    Tsinghua Pioneer Park within TusPark was set up with the preliminary function of business incubation;

  • Year 2000

    TusPark Development Center established TusPark Construction Holdings Co., Ltd. for the comprehensive construction of the main park;

  • Year 2001

    TusPark Beijing, the flagship product, was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education to be among the first group of National University Science Parks;

  • Year 2002

    Tsinghua University Overseas Students Pioneer Park was established in collaboration with Zhongguancun Administrative Committee and Tsinghua University;

  • Year 2003

    TusPark, the flagship product, was approved as the sole Grade A National University Science Park by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education;TusPark was the first national university science park to become full member of International Associations of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation(IASP); 

  • Year 2004

    TusPark Construction Holdings Co., Ltd. was renamed Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., and undertook the overall planning, construction and operation of TusPark as well as its sub-parks in other cities; 

  • Year 2005

    The landmark building of the main park - the Science Park Tower, with an area of 180,000 square meters, was finished and put into use; 
    A service platform for high-tech enterprises was constructed in cooperation with Haidian District to further improve the innovation service system;

  • Year 2006

    The "Diamond Plan" was started with focus on supporting excellent startup businesses;

  • Year 2007

    Fifteen innovative technology companies were selected into the "Diamond Plan" and the occupancy rate of the main park exceeded 95%;

  • Year 2008

    Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. achieved strategic upgrade from "one main business with two subsidiary businesses " to "integration of multiple industries";
    TusPark replaced the original Q-shaped logo and is taken as the new logo of the company and its flagship product---TusPark;
    Joint annual meeting of IASP Asia Pacific Division and ASPA was successfully hosted;
    International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) China Office was settled in TusPark;

  • Year 2009

    Tsinghua University TusPark Research Institute for Innovation was jointly set up by Tsinghua University, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., and other organizations;

    The 1st Tus-Innovation Forum was held in TusPark Beijing;

  • Year 2010

    The construction of TusPark Entrepreneurship and Employment Practice Base for College Students was initiated;

  • Year 2011

    Tsinghua Innovation Forum was organized as part of its key activities for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Tsinghua University.organized Tsinghua Innovation Forum as a key activity in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tsinghua University; 

  • Year 2012

    The flagship product - Tsinghua Science Park, the representative of the university science parks, participated in the exhibition of 20-year achievements for the construction of national high-tech zones;

  • Year 2013

    TusHoldings achieved strategic upgrade from the pattern of "Integration of multiple industries" to the overall business pattern of "three core businesses with multi-business co-movement";
    TusHoldings' headquarters and its major business segments adopted the new logo – composed of three petals of bauhinia, which contrasts finely with its original flagship product logo – TusPark, forming a new pattern for TusHoldings and its product brand;

  • Year 2014

    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of TusPark; 

    Tus-S&T Service Group was established;

  • Year 2015

    TusHoldings merged Sound Environment;

    TusPark (Hongkong) and TusCity Group were established;

  • Year 2016

    TusHoldings became the first science & technology service enterprise with a market value of RMB 100 billion in China;

    Tus-Digital Group was established to promote the “Digital Industrial City” strategy and contribute to the construction of “Digital China”;

    Tus-New Material Group was established to develop into the “Heavy Science and Technology” engine of TusHoldings;

  • Year 2017

    The “Two science parks in one country” innovation platform program was launched, such as Sino-Israel Science Park and Sino-Italy Science Park;

    TusHoldings won the title of 2017 Top 100 Chinese Brand Enterprises;

    TusHoldings and Cambridge Trinity College signed a contract to jointly build the project of Cambridge Science Park;

  • Year 2018

    In 2018,TusHoldings further expanded its global footprint with Bio-innovation Centre of TusPark Cambridge capping and in-depth involvement in establishing the Eastern Economic Corridor(EEC) in Thailand.

  • Year 2018

    In May and September 2018,Mr.Wang Jiwu,chairman of TUSHoldings,had two dialogues with Russian President Vladiman Putin on the brighter future of Sino-Russian cooperation in sciientific and technological innovation,joint venture capital fund between TUS and Russia advance funding and innovative carrier projects.

  • Year 2019

    On March 15, a delegation led by XU Qin, Governor of Hebei Province, visited Tsinghua University and TusHoldings. On March 21, Administration Committee for the Xiongan New Area, Xiongan Group, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Holdings and TusHoldings signed the Framework Agreement on Cooperation, and the five parties agreed that through the cooperation, Tsinghua Holdings and the fund controlled by Xiongan Group and/or Administration Committee for the Xiongan New Area would both rank as the largest shareholders of TusHoldings.

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