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  • World-famous Magazine WIRED: TusPark Newcastle Is A Top Coworking Space In The UKPrint

    Post Time:2019-07-12来源:TusHoldings

    Recently, TusPark Newcastle was named one of the best cooperation places for British technology entrepreneurs by the world-famous magazine WIRED. WIRED is a world-famous magazine focusing on technology and business. According to the report, TusPark Newcastle is a top coworking space in the UK, which supports the local technology ecosystem and entrepreneurs by organizing events and providing services.

    It is pointed out in the WIRED report that the operation of TusPark Newcastle in 2018 is of great significance for the business start-ups in Newcastle, and it not only is a space but also provides incubation service. TusPark helps the resident companies and technology entrepreneurs through its partners such as Sintons (law and IP), Blu Sky (accountancy) and Barclays (banking). The article also introduces the in-depth cooperation between Barclays Bank and TusPark Newcastle, the clean technology accelerator project sponsored by the Accelerator of TusPark Newcastle, the establishment of a cross-border cooperation platform between China and the UK, and other information.

    TusPark Newcastle is an important node of TusHoldings’ global innovation network. The UK’s business start-ups and technology entrepreneurs residing in TusPark Newcastle can also link to this global ecosystem and get services.