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Tus-Incubator is one of the earliest and largest national incubators, and currently, has formed a well-known incubator system brand with “TusStar” as the core. TusHoldings incubation investment business has incubated more than 5,000 service enterprises accumulatively, of which more than 2,000 enterprises have been graduated, 30 enterprises have been successfully listed, and more than 40 enterprises were merged and acquired, and the cumulative return on equity investment reaches nearly RMB 20 billion.

TusStar, formerly known as Tsinghua Pioneer Park established in 1999, is one of the first batch of national incubators ratified by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the first organization which has established the “incubation + investment” development model and professional incubator development direction in China. TusStar has established more than 100 incubation bases in China, with an innovative incubation area of nearly 200,000 square meters, accounting for about 5% of the total area in the country; it is also an incubator with the most complete off-line coverage network, and has built the first Sino-US cross-border incubator.

Incubating Service
Based on TusHoldings’ experience in serving technological entrepreneurship, it provides all-round service solutions for start-up enterprises.

Entrepreneurial Training
In reliance on the resources of Tsinghua University and TusHoldings, it provides mentor matching, entrepreneurial courses, entrepreneurial salon and other training courses for entrepreneurs.

Angel Investment
TusStar initiates the profit model for domestic incubators, and its mature business model will provide more professional investment services for start-up enterprises.

Open Platform
Through integration of TusHoldings’ internal and external resources, it provides a continuously and fully supportive open technological entrepreneurship platform for entrepreneurs.
Through integrating innovative resources, building the entrepreneurial platform and growing together with tenant enterprises, TusStar has cultivated a large number of outstanding enterprises and talents, of which there are 49 diamond enterprises, 45 “Golden Seed Project” enterprises, more than 80 leading talents included in “Thousand Talents Program”, “Overseas Talents Introduction Project” and “High-end Talents Introduction Project”

Official website of TusStar: www.tusstar.com
Tel: 400 150 0019
Address: 14/F, Block A, Innovation Plaza, Tsinghua University Science Park, Haidian District, Beijing


TusPark Global Network (TGN) is a cross-border service company under TusHoldings, which helps start-up companies to develop a broader market. In reliance on TusHoldings’ more than 20 years of professional technological service capability and global diversified resource network of science and technology park system, with the cooperation of a number of governments and cutting-edge institutions, it has created an open investment and financing resource sharing service platform linking Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Asia and even the world, so as to build a globally integrated financial technology network with the highest innovative value under the background of “new normal”.

TGN is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. As an important bridge between TusHoldings and the global innovation and entrepreneurship market, TGN not only provides basic enterprise support and business consulting services, but also offers specific guidance for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs through nearly 100 entrepreneurial events and mentoring courses each year. It aims to create a global open investment & financing and resource sharing service platform by opening different domestic and overseas channels for entrepreneurs, integrating incubation and acceleration experience at home and abroad, and making use of the support from the governments, mentors, venture capital institutions and well-known enterprises, so as to accelerate the internationalization of venture projects, and promote the technical and project exchanges and cooperation among international enterprises.

Tel: 852-23414900
Address: No. 118, Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


TusKspace, positioned as the “starting space for elite entrepreneurs”, is geared to the foreign and domestic excellent makers, hackers, geeks and other elite groups. Taking “improve the success probability of entrepreneurship, enhance the growth efficiency of start-up enterprises and shorten the growth life cycle” as its business philosophy, TusKspace strives to cultivate entrepreneurial “EMBA” elite circle, create the Next King in entrepreneurship, and provide a full-service public entrepreneurship & innovation and incubation space for the innovative elite.

TusKspace has currently covered Shenzhen, Kunming, Ganzhou, Chuxiong, Zhaoqing, Liuzhou, Laibin and other areas, and will gradually build a nationwide Kspace incubation network base cluster (entrance). As the incubator of the Tus-City platform, TusKspace will establish an innovative and entrepreneurial service ecological system covering various social groups in cooperation with Tus-City (exit), and transport “seedlings” for the science and technology cities (parks).

Tel: +86 755 8830 5888
Address: 13/F, Haowei Technology Building, No.2, Keji South Eighth Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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